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Wrap-up from Cardinal at MRC Dublin 2018

Last week, several members of the Cardinal team traveled across the pond for MRC Dublin 2018. There were a lot of informative sessions throughout the week on various topics, however PSD2 was on everyone’s minds, and was the overarching theme of the entire conference.

Tim Sherwin, Chief Executive Officer at Cardinal and Guido Mangiagalli, Head of Authentication for Visa in Europe, spoke at length on a panel about PSD2 and its potential impact on the entire industry. They discussed SCA (Strong Consumer Authentication), which refers to the act of authenticating consumers during remote payment purchases. Under PSD2, there will be mandates that require SCA during these purchases. Overall, this panel was well-attended by many online retailers, most of whom were curious about this topic, and excited at the prospect of learning more about it.

Cardinal is in a unique position to help everyone succeed in a PSD2-world, as our solution, Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA), meets all the PSD2 requirements related to SCA.

Although PSD2 was discussed throughout the week, there were a lot of other insightful, educational MRC Dublin logosessions, touching on many different topics. One of these sessions was focused on the 2018 MRC Global Payments Survey. Joe Salerno, Senior Director of Client Insights at CyberSource (also a Visa company), talked about the illuminating results of this survey. The survey compared the U.S., the U.K. and other markets in certain categories, including payment management prowess and confidence in return-on-investment.

Peter Bayley, Executive Director of Ecosystem Risk at Visa oversaw another great session. During this session, which was entitled “An Audience with Visa,” Bayley answered a lot of different questions and touched on the PSD2 requirements in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), and how 3-D Secure is going to be necessary ahead of PSD2.

In summary, the Cardinal team had a great week in Dublin learning about PSD2 and the effect it will have on the digital payments industry. As a member of the Visa family, Cardinal can help everyone in the industry meet the requirements for PSD2 through our patented rules-based solution, Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA). Connect with Cardinal today to learn more!

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