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What to Expect at MRC Vegas 2017!

The Merchant Risk Council’s eCommerce, Payments and Risk Conference is on the horizon! As with anything, you can’t show up to this conference without a game plan. If you are attending, it’s important to do some research beforehand so that you have a good idea of what to expect when you arrive in Las Vegas for the conference. Fortunately, Cardinal, having been to this conference many times before, is here to help!

Don’t expect this to be a vacation. There are sessions and speakers all day, every day. These will keep you very busy, and they are also very important to the present, and future, of the payments industry. Stay vigilant at these events, so that you can meet other professionals in the industry, and to absorb as much information as possible.

For more information about the conference, and how to prepare for it, download our “MRC Survival Guide.” This guide will give you helpful hints on how to make the most of your week at MRC Vegas.

This conference is the most important payments and fraud show in the world for Cardinal, and it’s vital to the future of the payments industry. If you prepare accordingly, do your homework and arrive at the conference excited, and ready to network, and learn, you will have a great week. Cardinal, as the overall sponsor of this year’s conference, will be there, so stop by our booth and say hi! Remember, One Connection to Cardinal will Drive Digital Commerce.

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