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What is Omnichannel Commerce?

Today, in the digital commerce world, consumers have a lot of options. If they like a certain merchant’s products but were treated poorly by that merchant, they will likely find another company to fill the void for them. For merchants, developing and maintaining brand loyalty is becoming harder, but it will always be immensely important.

It’s a lot harder, in this environment, for merchants to create a seamless experience for consumers. In the past, they only had to worry about serving consumers in their brick-and-mortar stores, but now, with the explosion of the digital channel, they need to optimize the consumer experience for PC browsers, smartphones, tablets and other connected devices.

However, the merchants that will have a lot of success going forward will be the ones that focus on omnichannel commerce, which means creating seamless experiences for consumers across all channels, and in any situation.

This means that merchants, if they haven’t already, need to ensure that consumers can easily navigate their online store and initiate a digital transaction, both on a desktop browser or on a mobile browser. But omnichannel is much more than that. Today, some merchants give consumers the option to make a purchase online and pick up in-store. By giving them more options, these merchants are enhancing the overall consumer experience.

In this new digitally-fueled environment, merchants also need to create frictionless experiences across all channels and devices. If a consumer initiates a transaction on their mobile phone and, for any reason, leaves the page without checking out, they should be able to go on a tablet or a desktop and “re-start” the transaction, without any problems.

Ultimately, merchants who practice, and implement effective omnichannel strategies will differentiate themselves, and will develop brand loyalty. However, for merchants who want to create omnichannel strategies, it will be important to authenticate consumers across all devices, and channels. Cardinal can help merchants authenticate legitimate consumers and turn away fraudsters with our patented authentication solution, Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA). Connect with Cardinal to learn more about CCA, how it can prevent fraud in the digital channel and how it can enable safer, more efficient omnichannel strategies.

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