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We believe that data is perhaps the most crucial piece of the authentication puzzle. Without it, fewer transactions get authenticated, and subsequently authorized, fewer consumers are happy at the end of the day, merchants are often left feeling frustrated and issuers are stuck making decisions without all of the possible information at their disposal.

Brainstorm against business interface with graphs and dataBecause of that, we have built our solutions with this fact in mind from the very beginning. Over the years, we have created redundant data centers, each one equipped with network and system infrastructure redundancy. These data centers are always on and always processing. They are vital to what we do, as they each have many scalable transaction processing streams, which gives us the ability to provide optimal service during the busiest times of the year in our world, often the holidays.

We also focus on securing this vitally important data through our data encryption practices, which ensure that the personal information of consumers is kept safe and secure.

For a while now, we have used a rules-based approach to authentication, which allows merchants and issuers to optimize their data around certain rules to ensure they achieve the best possible results. This rules-based approach with data gives these merchants and issuers more freedom to create and customize their own parameters around which of their transactions and consumers will be authenticated.

We hope you are as excited as we are about data in our industry. It’s importance is growing every day and will likely continue to do so with the arrival of PSD2 SCA and the continued proliferation of EMV® 3-D Secure.

EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo, LLC.

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