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MRC Webinar with Mastercard Recap!

Representatives from Mastercard and CardinalCommerce recently joined forces to discuss changes in the online payments industry and how they’re preparing for these changes. Both Mastercard, and Cardinal remain focused on increasing online sales, while protecting merchants, consumers and financial institutions from fraudulent transactions.

In accordance with the EMVCo. specifications that were released last month, merchants and financial institutions will have to adhere to a new set of 3-D Secure Protocols called 3DS 2.0. These new specifications are built for the future, and will drastically reduce fraud across the industry.

Jaime Howard, Vice President of Account Development at Cardinal, Dennis Gamiello, Vice President & Head of Identity Solutions at Mastercard and David Senci, Director of Security & Decision Products at Mastercard sat down to talk about 3DS 2.0, and two new services from Mastercard: IdentityCheck and Assurance IQ. IdentityCheck will replace SecureCode, Mastercard’s current 3-D Secure implementation.

They discussed, among other things, the importance of eliminating static passwords and knowledge-based questions in the authentication process. Consumers who rely on these outdated authentication methods are more susceptible to fraud. Under the new 3DS 2.0 specifications, these methods will be replaced by one-time passwords and biometrics.

They also touched on some other topics, including:

  • The ongoing shift from browser-based transactions to in-app and mobile web transactions.
  • The importance of data and analytics for both merchants and issuers.
  • The proliferation of risk-based models in the consumer verification process.
  • And much more!

If you’re interested in learning more about 3DS 2.0, you can listen to the entire webinar at and download the presentation at

In the new online payments environment, Consumer Authentication is more important than ever. Connect with Cardinal to learn more about Cardinal Consumer Authentication and how it can help your business.

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