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Merchant Spotlight Series: Outfitter Satellite

Posted by CardinalCommerce
Feb 17, 2017 9:30:00 AM

OutfitterSatellite_logo_Large.pngOutfitter Satellite, Inc. is a provider of innovative satellite communication equipment that gives their customers the ability to communicate with anyone from anywhere. On any hiking trip or expedition, where there will be limited or no cell phone service, Outfitter Satellite can provide their customers with the latest communication technology. Since 1995, they have been able to attract and maintain customers by providing excellent customer service and support, even after the sale. Over time, Outfitter Satellite, like other merchants who launched before the millennium, took their business online. Initially, their online site was strictly informational, only seeking to educate customers. Today, customers can go to their site to learn about their products and to buy the latest satellite communication equipment. With the steady proliferation of digital commerce, they are well-positioned to continue to thrive in their industry. If you want to purchase any satellite communication equipment, or learn more about Outfitter Satellite, you can visit their online site here.

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