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Merchant Spotlight Series: Acclaim Sound & Lighting

Posted by CardinalCommerce
Apr 20, 2017 8:30:00 AM

Whether its classical, jazz, hip-hop or rock-and-roll, everyone has different musical preferences. To appease their loyal fans, any great musical group or musical venue, needs the best possible equipment. Since 1989, Acclaim Sound & Lighting has been a leading provider of musical instruments and musical, lighting and recording equipment. They were one of the first merchants in Canada to establish an online presence, as they launched their online store in 1992. Back then, they only offered their customers a limited number of products. Since then, Acclaim Sound & Lighting has expanded and today, they offer their customers all major products related to their industry. If you’re looking for a guitar, a keyboard, a speaker or even DJ equipment, you can find it on their online store. Over time, Acclaim Sound & Lighting has become an expert in this industry, and has developed and retained a loyal group of customers. They have also maintained an excellent reputation with their customer service. If you want to purchase any musical instruments, or equipment, or learn more about Acclaim Sound & Lighting, you can visit their online site here.

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