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The Perils of the Holiday Season

For many merchants, life isn’t easy. In the digital commerce world, merchants often have several different things on their plate. They need to effectively market their products or services, create sales opportunities and turn those opportunities into tangible sales.

But at the same time, merchants must ensure the satisfaction of their consumers and make sure that fraudsters and cybercriminals don’t infiltrate their online site and steal their products. This seems like a lot to handle but everything can be, and likely will be even more hectic during the holiday season. Even though it’s currently hot outside, it’s vital for merchants to start the holiday preparation process now.

The holiday season is often the busiest time of year, especially for those in the digital commerce space. A lot of the time, consumers have more urgency, and they expect merchants to have the same mindset. At any point during the year, if a merchant can’t consistently deliver excellent service, it could have an adverse effect on their reputation but during the holidays, everything is amplified and even the smallest slip-up could have large ramifications.

During the holiday season, consumers place more orders, which means merchants need to amend their approach to shipping, to accommodate the influx of additional orders. Additionally, merchants should instill a system that can assess all these orders for potential fraud risks, so that they can maximize sales and capture all possible revenue.

It’s no secret that the holiday season is a busy time for merchants, but cybercriminals are also very active during this exciting time. These experienced fraudsters know that when there’s an unusually high influx of orders, it’s a great time to pounce on weakly protected online stores – some merchants, trying to reduce friction for their buyers, may loosen their fraud prevention rules. In trying to stop these criminals, if merchants spend an inordinate amount of time manually reviewing their orders, they can delay shipping and create bad experiences for their consumers, which could, ultimately, limit their sales.

There is a way for merchants to ensure that the holiday season is full of both cheer and revenue. If they work with Cardinal, and implement Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA), merchants will have access to a rules-based authentication solution that will create frictionless experiences for consumers while keeping cybercriminals at bay. If you want to have success during the holidays, you need to start preparing now, and include Cardinal in your holiday plans.

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