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Technology Spotlight: Cardinal 3-D Secure Plugin for AbleCommerce

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Since it’s often dominated by bigger online retailers, many small-to-medium sized businesses initially struggle with the highly competitive and sometimes overwhelming world of digital commerce. After sensing an opportunity to help these small-to-medium sized businesses jump-start their online business, Web2Market, an ecommerce and hosting company, began offering digital marketing, hosting, web design and development services through the Magento and AbleCommerce platforms.

In working with different merchants, no matter the size, Web2Market takes a collaborative and personal approach, to empower their clients and to ensure they maximize sales and revenue. Over the last twenty years, Web2Market has helped over 1,000 merchants reach their full potential by providing expert services and by giving them the resources to grow their online business. In fact, several of their clients experience consistent sales growth of 30 percent per year, which can make a huge difference for any small-to-medium sized business in the digital commerce ecosystem. If you want to learn more about them, you can visit Web2Market.

About the Cardinal 3-D Secure Plugin

Cardinal’s 3-D Secure Plugin for AbleCommerce is a tool that can expedite the online transaction process for merchants and consumers. This plugin integrates directly with the AbleCommerce platform, and will give merchants access to Cardinal’s 3-D Secure service. Since Cardinal utilizes rich and enhanced data, merchants who implement this plugin will pass along even more data during authorization, which will, in turn, create an even better experience for their consumers. Additionally, this plugin will make the online checkout process simpler for consumers, and will complete their transactions regardless of whether they’ve subscribed to the credit card company’s 3-D Secure service. This plugin is available for download from Web2Market’s marketplace. It helps online merchants grow their business and thrive in the digital commerce world.

About Cardinal

CardinalCommerce, a global leader in Consumer Authentication, works with merchants and card-issuing banks to eliminate digital fraud. Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA) is an authentication solution that enables merchants to increase sales and improve margins, all tuned to a superior consumer experience.

Connect with Cardinal to learn more about Cardinal Consumer Authentication, and how it can improve your online business. Request your own personal demo, or call us at 877-352-8444. One Connection to Cardinal will Drive Digital Commerce.

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