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Startups Crash Course: Effectively Selling Online

Everyone in the world has ideas and dreams. For most startup companies, everything started with an idea for a business, and an idea for how that business would operate in its industry. Life at the beginning can be extremely difficult, and can make any business owner question their decision to follow their dream. Former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson summed it up best when he said, “everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouth.”

Today, to make matters even more complicated, many startups need to prioritize the digital channel, to ensure that they establish an effective online presence. Since they often have a lot of different things on their plate at first, this can be a difficult task for startup business owners. There are some different ways for startup companies to survive and thrive in this new, digital age.

First, any startup trying to establish a significant digital presence needs to create an online store. In today’s fast-moving, digital world, this is a necessity. It’s also extremely important to optimize the consumer experience, to retain consumer loyalty. They could go elsewhere if they encounter a lot of friction during their transaction.

An essential part of any online store is the shopping cart. Startup business owners should look for a shopping cart that will give consumers the ability to easily browse their site and check out with ease. As a startup, you can either build your own shopping cart from scratch or choose from a few established shopping carts, like Magento or 3DCart. If you want to learn more about these options and some others, visit eCommerce U, our educational tool.

Additionally, as a startup, it’s very useful to leverage all the available online marketplaces, so that you can reach an even wider audience, and become well-known in the marketplace. Some of these popular marketplaces are eBay, Etsy and Amazon, among others. If you effectively use these to your advantage early on, it could lead to enhanced visibility in the marketplace and above all, more opportunities to sell your products.

But with a lot more sales opportunities in a short period, a startup could be vulnerable to fraud. For any startup, an authentication solution can help mitigate fraud and increase sales. Cardinal’s rules-based authentication solution, Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA), can do just that, while allowing business owners to customize their rules over time, to fit any changes, big or small. With One Connection to Cardinal, we can Drive your Digital Commerce.  

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