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Smartwatches: Are they the future of payments?

There is nothing universal in the payments world and it's no secret that mobile shopping isn’t going anywhere but up.

Consumers and their devices are practically attached at the hip (or wrist, with smartwatches gaining market share). Reaching your consumers is easier than ever. Now, you need to ensure they can pay with their preferred tender.

Carrying cash is a burden. Payments are evolving, in so much that even carrying a credit card is starting to become inconvenient. Credit and Debit companies are trying to figure out easy techniques for consumers to shop. Many vendors use technology to keep consumer payment information private through a third party to secure contactless payments, like shopping on your smartwatch. The future of payments is shining through with the contactless applications used through a smartwatch, where a shopper will never have to pull a credit card out of their pocket again. These new technologies are a simpler way to pay. It allows consumers to checkout fast, but in a secure setting. These new technologies and applications are what the consumers want to shop with.

Some other features of wearable devices include all of the applications you could have on your smartphone. So while you are shopping with your watch you could also be getting directions to your next location, making a shopping list for the grocery store, booking a flight, or even sending an emoji to a friend.  The future of payments is on our wrist. Are you ready to join the future of payments?

With your One Connection to Cardinal, we can FutureProof™ your business and make it easy for your consumers to securely transact with you today.

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