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Personal Assistants & You: How These Devices Can Enable Efficient Payments

Over the years, the growth of digital commerce has changed everything for consumers. Today, rather than shopping exclusively at brick-and-mortar stores, consumers routinely buy many products and services online. This phenomenon isn’t new, and has been going on for some time, but recently, it has intensified. It has also led to unprecedented growth in the digital channel.

There is a new vehicle for digital commerce in the market that has grabbed the attention of consumers: voice-controlled personal assistants. In the digital commerce world, the latest, greatest topic of discussion is the Internet of Things. This technology will change a lot of things in this industry, and will give consumers the ability to initiate digital transactions from any device, including these voice-controlled personal assistants.

There are already several personal assistants available for consumers today. Since these products have been immensely popular, and have caught on with consumers, it’s likely that there will be a lot more in the marketplace very soon.

For consumers, the shift from a predominantly retail environment to one that included a substantial amount of online shopping was smooth and swift. Going forward, moving from browser-based transactions to buying products and services via voice-controlled assistants should also be relatively seamless.

Consumers typically want their buying experiences to be quick, easy and effortless, and these devices can make that happen, by allowing consumers to buy almost anything with a simple voice command. But in a world where everyone is using these devices to conduct digital commerce, it will become harder for merchants to authenticate their consumers. In browser-based transactions, the merchant can require any consumer to authenticate themselves, if necessary, via a one-time password, which could be sent to their mobile device and entered during checkout.

If a transaction is initiated from a voice-controlled assistant, however, the merchant doesn’t have this luxury. If they use Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA), merchants can conduct behind-the-scenes authentication, which means they won’t have to force the consumer to complete any additional, unneeded steps. With One Connection to Cardinal, we can Drive your Digital Commerce.

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