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Consumers have different brands of payments in their pocket. Some of these brands dubbed alternative methods of payments, have become a popular way for consumers to safely and quickly shop online. An alternative payment is often classified as a form of payment other than credit or debit card.  Merchants who offer additional payment options at checkout are able to capture more online sales by letting consumers select one or more preferred methods of payment they trust. Additionally, alternative payment options turn browsers into buyers from any device - PC, mobile, or tablet.

There are several different styles of payments that can be added to the payment mix.

1) eWallets provide an ease of use for the consumer by automatically storing all information needed to process a transaction on the consumer’s account. Therefore, they are not required to enter debit/credit card information every time they want to buy online. This alternative payment type is becoming increasingly popular with major retailers because of its convenience and efficiency. Also known as digital wallets, they can be used more easily on a variety of different devices, including mobile phones and tablets, and the growth is driven by younger shoppers.

2) Mobile is a newer and growing alternative payment solution. Instead of paying with cash, check, or credit card, a mobile phone is used to pay. These charges are then added to the consumer’s phone bill, creating a seamless experience for the consumer.

3) Online banking payment options redirect the consumer to their financial institution’s online banking website where they login and authorize charges. Once the charges are authorized the consumer is redirected back to the merchant’s website. Network communications take place on a private network to protect the consumer personal information.

4) The pre-pay cash option is a safe and trusted form of payment for consumers who shop online but don’t have a credit card, or don’t want to enter personal information. Different forms of cash option include prepaid vouchers and cards that are prefunded ahead of time.

Merchants wanting to sell more internationally need the brands and methods used by citizens of other countries.  Expanding types of payments used abroad increases sales.dditionally, there are specific international payment forms that are preferred by the international shopper depending on their location. e-Invoicing is a popular method of payment throughout Europe, where consumers purchase their goods online and receive an invoice for their purchase after delivery. Alternative payment types will continue to drive sales in the eCommerce/Omni Channel world as they represent both growth and opportunity to connect to a global market. Alternative payments accounted for 43% of all transactions in 2012 and are expected to climb to 59% of all transactions by 2017. The emergence of other payment types will continue to be influenced by the comfort level of the consumers as they look for different ways to purchase goods and services online. 

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Sep 16, 2014 7:30:00 AM

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