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Online Spending Habits of Generation Z vs. Millennials (Mobile)

Last week we went through some online spending habits of Generation Z, but let’s take a deeper look into how they shop and what sets them apart from Millennials and past generations.

Merchants are still trying to figure out the shopping habits of Millennials, but now Generation Z is here, and as mentioned in our last blog, they are going to make up a massive group of consumers – a group well worth focusing on. This upcoming consumer generation is the first generation to be a truly mobile-first generation. Millennials look to mobile because of its speed, whereas Generation Z uses mobile for a different reason. Mobile shopping is personal to Gen Z’s needs - they can shop wherever and whenever they want at the touch of their finger.

Here are some interesting stats that show how these two generations shop:

  • 75% of teens (Gen Z) access internet/shopping sites from mobile devices
  • 79% teen females (Gen Z) shop online and 75% of teen males shop online
  • 50% of the teens prefer to shop only online, avoiding physical stores
  • Generation Z uses five screens on average in a day: smartphone, TV, laptop, desktop, and tablet, whereas Millennials use three screens on average per day.
  • The average Millennial consumer spends $2,000 per year on digital retail sales
  • 54% of Millennials said that shopping apps were easier to use than online sites
  • In any 6 month period, it is projected that more than half of consumers who make an online purchase will be Millennials.


The common trend shows that in order to reach out to Generation Z, your best channel is mobile. While technology is all that Generation Z has ever known and they are comfortable with it, Millennials were not raised from the start with technology but have become accustomed to it. For example, smartphones were not around for Millennials as children as they are for Generation Z. Generation Z consumers are looking for the next best thing in technology and looking to drive collaboration and change. As a merchant, having a mobile-friendly website is key to attracting, converting and keeping both groups of these young consumers.

Cardinal makes mobile commerce, mobile banking and mobile marketing fast and easy for merchants and financial institutions. Cardinal’s solution, CardinalMAX, allows you to accept mobile payments, send marketing messages and offer mobile banking. MAX gives your card-holders a seamless mobile experience from start to finish.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog for a good alternative method of payment to use on your checkout page to reach this young demographic - both Millennials and Generation Z. With your One Connection to Cardinal we can FutureProof™ your business.



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