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Online Marketplaces: How to Leverage Them to Grow Your Business

Startups often have trouble succeeding right away in the fast-moving, growing digital commerce world. That’s because it takes a lot to succeed in this industry right off the bat, from efficient shipping and logistics to minimal cart abandonment to an optimized alternative payments experience, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But all digital merchants generally have the same goals: attract consumers, drive them to your online store and convert them into sales.

Over time, it’s become harder for merchants to rely exclusively on their own advertising efforts and word-of-mouth to generate traffic and consumers on their online store. By doing so, merchants could lose out on valuable sales opportunities and possibly, in a worst-case scenario, their entire business.

In today’s digital world, where consumers have more options than ever before, they aren’t as loyal to certain merchants. Instead, they will use different online marketplaces to find the products or services they want.

All these online marketplaces are great resources for merchants, especially startups, and they should utilize them to drive sales and attention to their own online store. Today, it seems like consumers have unlimited options in their search for products and services online, so merchants should try to appear in as many places as possible. By leveraging these online marketplaces, like Amazon, Google Shopping or eBay, merchants can seemingly capture all possible attention and revenue from their consumers.

But if they experience an unusually high influx of orders after leveraging these marketplaces, merchants could be vulnerable to fraud and subsequent fraudulent chargebacks. Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA) is a rules-based authentication solution that can help merchants by giving them the freedom to create rules that will determine whether the person behind a given transaction is a legitimate consumer or a fraudster. With One Connection to Cardinal, we can Drive your Digital Commerce.

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