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Omnichannel Commerce Security Concerns

Today, consumers expect a lot from merchants. They want to seamlessly conduct digital commerce across channels, from several different devices, and they want to do it on their terms. But consumers also want merchants to keep their sensitive information secure and out of the hands of dangerous cybercriminals. 

If not for constant technological innovation, omnichannel wouldn’t be around. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are also good at leveraging the latest technology to achieve their goals, and in so doing, make life miserable for consumers and merchants. In creating and optimizing their omnichannel strategy, merchants can’t overlook cybersecurity.

Since consumers are initiating digital transactions from several different channels, and across channels, there are more access points now than ever before for cybercriminals. In this new environment, the merchant will possess immense amounts of consumer data. So, if a cybercriminal successfully perpetrates an attack against a given merchant, they will likely possess a great deal of information about that merchant’s consumers, and will be able to leverage that information for personal gain. After the attack, the cybercriminal will try to use that information to fraudulently buy products, which necessitates the need for a solution to prevent these cybercriminals from achieving their goals.

Consumers have demonstrated that they want to engage with merchants across channels. Over time, merchants have created frictionless omnichannel experiences, but if they can’t effectively handle cybersecurity, consumers will lose faith, and will likely go elsewhere.

There is, however, a way for merchants to protect consumer information in this new, omnichannel world. If they implement Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA), merchants will be better prepared to deal with cybercriminals, which will, subsequently, make them more equipped to effectively secure their consumers’ information. CCA is an authentication solution that gives merchants the ability to craft personalized rules that, ultimately, determine whether a given consumer should be authenticated. With CCA, cybercriminals won’t be able to use stolen credentials and information for their personal benefit. Connect with Cardinal to learn more about CCA, and how it can help merchants create efficient, safe omnichannel experiences. With One Connection to Cardinal, we can Drive your Digital Commerce.

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