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The Merchant Risk Council’s eCommerce, Payments and Risk Conference, sponsored by CardinalCommerce, is finally here! MRC Vegas 2017 got underway earlier this week, as members of the Cardinal team, and other representatives from the digital payments industry arrived in Las Vegas for the conference.

Yesterday was Platinum Day, which included some great sessions on digital identity and showcasing fraud work to executives, and also an interactive panel with issuers. The day concluded with the platinum party, hosted by Verifi, which was a fun, Vegas-style party.  

But before the party, MRC 2017 officially began with the opening reception, which also served as the official opening of the exhibit hall. There was a lot of excitement surrounding this reception, and there were a lot of attendees. World famous magician Rick Smith Jr., a special guest of Cardinal, was there to entertain the crowd, and to explain to them how Cardinal slices through false positives, and also how we make fraud disappear. Smith Jr. is known for his card throwing and he didn’t disappoint, as he amazed the crowd with different card tricks and throwing tricks. He even sliced through a stalk of celery with a card!

Everyone in attendance had a great time, and left the reception excited about the remaining two days of the conference. As the overall sponsor, Cardinal is also looking forward to the remaining two days, and is excited about all of the different sessions and speakers.

Today, during the Opening Session, some of Cardinal’s executives will speak about the current state of the digital payments industry, and what’s coming next. Over the next two days, Alasdair Rambaud, the Senior Vice President of Merchant Services at Cardinal, will be moderating a panel on False Positives, and Tim Sherwin, the Chief Executive Officer at Cardinal, will be giving a presentation with Ann Ewing, Senior Business Leader, Global Risk & Authentication Products at Visa on 3DS 2.0 for Mobile.

Overall, MRC 2017 is off to a great start, and we hope that this momentum continues into the rest of the week. Remember, with One Connection to Cardinal, we can Drive your Digital Commerce.

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