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MRC Primer: Expectations, Necessary Preparation and More!

It’s almost time to head back to the desert! That’s right, in just a few short weeks, a large contingent of the digital payments industry will descend upon Las Vegas for the Merchant Risk Council’s annual conference. MRC 2019 should be as exciting as ever, with a wide array of interesting speakers, sessions and events. Each day is a non-stop, wire-to-wire digital payments showcase, followed by exciting networking parties after dark.Business people meeting around table in modern space

Before even arriving for the show, be sure to check the agenda and chart your course for the week. Since there will be so much going on, it’s important to nail down which sessions you would like to attend by prioritizing them, perhaps in order of importance to yourself or your company, or in order of general interest in that specific topic. Without a plan, you’ll be setting yourself up for an even more chaotic week.

While at the show, there will be several different exciting opportunities to learn new things, meet new people and expand your horizons. Some of the digital payments industry’s brightest minds will be in attendance and will be eager to share their wealth of knowledge.

Two of the bright minds at the show will be Ian Poole, Senior Director of Global Product at Cardinal, and Nick Belenky, Director of Sales, both of whom will be delivering presentations. Ian will be speaking about EMV® 3-D Secure on a panel on Tuesday, March 19 at 2:15 p.m. The next day, at 12:30 p.m., Nick will be presenting at the Demo Theatre, and will be discussing the importance of EMV® 3-D Secure and PSD2 SCA.

While the main attraction of the show may seem like the sessions and speakers during the day, the networking events are equally as important. Since there are so many different shows throughout the year, these events serve as opportunities to make connections with people who you may see again and again at other industry shows. They are also opportunities to further or initiate business relationships that can help boost your company.

We will be at these various networking events, as well as at Booth #214 and the Connections Café (sponsored by Cardinal), eager to talk to attendees. Authentication is our sole focus, and we are eager to discuss this topic with anyone at the conference, either at one of these events or at our booth. See you there!

With the Cardinal Authentication Network, Cardinal puts Authentication First.

EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo, LLC.

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