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Connect with Cardinal at MRC European Congress

Connect with Cardinal at the MRC European Congress in Seville, Spain. We are very excited to attend this conference and see about 500 leading eCommerce experts from around the world. We are ready to hear what merchants are saying about fraud and false positives in a lot of the sessions during our time in Seville. Be sure to check out our presentation at the Ignite Session on Wednesday the 18th. Learning about Cardinal Consumer Authentication in four short minutes is something you won’t want to miss! If you are attending MRC Europe, we would love to catch up and talk about what payments problems you need help solving.

Cardinal will be live tweeting throughout the conference about all the latest events and presentations. Be sure to check us out on Twitter @CardinalCommerc.

With your One Connection to Cardinal we can FutureProof™ your business. See you in Seville!

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Welcome to the CardinalCommerce blog. Cardinal is a global leader in authenticating digital transactions, with One Connection to drive digital commerce. Our goal for this blog is to provide a platform that will inform and educate our Customers and partners on consumer authentication, payments, mobile commerce, solution design and big data.

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