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ICYMI: Cardinal was in Las Vegas for Money2020

Cardinal had great success this year at the 2015 Money 20/20 Conference and Expo. Each year it seems to be getting bigger, with more attendees, sessions, and exhibitors.

The theme that everyone was talking about was authorization and how increasing authorization enhances the consumer experience, which everyone wants more processed orders. 

The Sunday keynote kicked off with a Q&A session with Mary Thompson from CNBC, where, among some good-natured ribbing of the companies in the payment industry, there was a lot of discussion about how payments and technology are driving tech innovation in so many other industries. It was mentioned that it will most likely be the smaller start-ups and new ideas that will eventually circumvent our current bank-centered financial industry.

Patrick Collison from Stripe spoke about the changing payments industry. It was interesting to see his positive and forward looking view on how consumers are being better served and how technology and innovation are doing a better job at protecting all of us.

There was a lot of buzz around the block chain solutions and how they will factor into secure payments and cross-border transfers. There are exciting things happening in the emerging markets related to payment solutions and the need for true fraud protection and security.

The networking at all the great parties hosted by Cardinal partners and other companies, and the deals done after the exhibit hall closed, bode well for the merchant community, as we work towards compatibility and the ability to truly customize the consumer experience and the merchant-desired outcomes. 2016 looks to be an exciting year for us all.

As always, we love traveling to Las Vegas for Money 20/20 and learning more about the happenings in the payments world. Plus, it’s always great to enjoy some Vegas heat for a few days.


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