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Merchant Spotlight Series: Travelpack

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Every year, millions of people travel to different places around the world. A lot of the time, the vacation itself is the culmination of weeks, sometimes months, of extensive and stressful planning. But vacations are meant to be relaxing, and shouldn’t be the source of un-needed stress and anxiety. For their customers, Travelpack eases this burden by offering travel packages that include flight, hotel and car hire reservations. Also, they can help customers find fun and interesting things to do at their destination. Travelpack broke into this industry six years ago and have been helping customers plan, and enjoy vacations ever since. Over the last six years, they have routinely provided top-notch service, and have become very knowledgeable in their field, which has helped them cultivate a large and loyal customer base. Inevitably, cybercriminals, armed with greater technological capabilities, have become more strategic and effective in attacking merchants in this space. For Travelpack, online fraud has become a significant challenge. If you want to learn more about Travelpack, or view their assorted travel packages, you can visit their online site here.

About the Online Travel Industry

The online travel industry is very large, which means there is constant and capable competition throughout the industry. Today, there are a host of merchants like Travelpack, who offer their customers similar travel packages at similar prices. It’s becoming harder to stand out and to find a point of differentiation in this industry. Additionally, online travel merchants possess more information now, which means they have the capability to make smarter decisions and to allocate resources in a more efficient way. Even with better information, online fraud is still a significant problem for a lot of merchants in this industry. With enhanced competition in the industry, online travel merchants who can prevent fraud will see noticeable improvements to their bottom line.

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