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Merchant Spotlight Series: The Camera Store

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In life, certain moments are valuable. People often go to great lengths to capture these moments, and preserve them, through pictures, videos, recordings and other methods. The Camera Store, a provider of cameras, camera equipment, video camera equipment and much more, can help consumers preserve some of these timeless memories.

Since they launched their business 21 years ago, The Camera Store has been around for some big changes, notably the invention of the “smart phone” and the growth of digital commerce. Additionally, the shift from film to digital was a substantial change in the industry, and one that forced The Camera Store to adjust their strategy and approach. But even with these changes, they have developed and maintained a strong and loyal group of consumers. The Camera Store has leveraged social media to engage their consumers, by hosting interactive events. They also have a YouTube channel with over 270,000 subscribers, where they routinely post insightful, informative videos. If you want to learn more about their business, or purchase a camera or any camera equipment, visit The Camera Store.

About the Camera Industry

The camera industry has been shrinking for some time, however there’s still a lot of competition within the industry. Rapid technological growth and constant technological innovation aren’t the sole reasons that this industry isn’t experiencing the type of growth that other industries have become accustomed to, but they are among the biggest. Today, more and more consumers are electing to use their mobile phone as their primary camera. But interested consumers are also increasingly willing to purchase cameras and camera equipment online, which is a positive sign and something that consumers weren’t as willing to do in the past. Unfortunately, fraud is another prevalent and problematic issue in this industry, which is why The Camera Store has devoted a lot of time and resources towards their fraud prevention efforts.

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