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The Merchant Advisory Group’s Mid-Year Conference, set to take place from February 25-27 in Ft. Lauderdale, is inching closer. In just two short weeks, members of the digital payments community will convene to discuss the latest trends in this industry, the impact they’re having and how best to deal with them.mag_2019_myc_mag-web-home-header

This year’s iteration of the conference should be a fun experience. It will, however, also be enriching, and sometimes hectic for all the attendees. There will be informative sessions around the clock, which means prioritization will be important for all attendees.

There will be two sessions during the conference that are hosted by Cardinal executives. Chandra Balasubramanian, Co-Founder, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Cardinal, will be speaking during the Hot Topic Discussions portion of the conference on Monday, February 25. His presentation, entitled “What is AI and Why is it Important,” begins at 3 p.m. During the session, Chandra will discuss AI in an understandable way. The session has also been planned as a dialogue, centering on how merchants can and should use this technology, with real-life examples.

Then, on Tuesday, February 26, at 1 p.m., Tara Lavelle, Senior Vice President, Marketing, at Cardinal will deliver her presentation, “The Digital Payments Landscape … Changing at the Speed of Light.” With the vast amount of change we’ve experienced in this industry in the last couple of years, this presentation will be instrumental in explaining where we were, where we are now and, most importantly, where we’re going, collectively.

These two, however, are not the only members of the Cardinal team who will be temporarily migrating south to avoid Cleveland’s snow and cold weather. When they’re not attending sessions or networking, the Cardinal contingent will be at our table, #30, inside the exhibitor hall. Stop by if you have any questions about Cardinal, any lingering questions from these two sessions, or if you just want to say hello!

Cardinal will also be sponsoring the conference Wi-Fi, so be on the lookout for that if you’re attending the conference.

With the Cardinal Authentication Network, Cardinal puts Authentication First.

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