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Update on MasterCard SecureCode Attempts Server

CardinalCommerce is providing additional clarification surrounding the MasterCard SecureCode Attempts Server updates provided in the MasterCard Global Bulletin (No.9) released in September 2013. 


With Cardinal Consumer Authentication, we want to let you know that this can be initialized in your Merchant Configurations with us! Existing Clients can enable this feature by contacting Cardinal’s Activation and Support Staff for a profile update, and testing with your Acquirer before launching to production. 

In September 2013, MasterCard issued a Global Security Bulletin (No.9) that indicated changes to their programs. Particularly, this referenced a change to MasterCard SecureCode and the Attempts Server. As you may know, MasterCard has made multiple program and technical enhancements since the inception of SecureCode in 2003. This update specifically speaks to the initialization of: Attempts Server, History Server and Customer Database.

• Attempts Server – Used to provide Accountholder Authentication Value (AVV) “stand-in” processing during the following:
   o The Issuer’s Access Control Server (ACS) is not available
   o The cardholder’s enrollment data is not available on the Issuer’s ACS
   o The Issuer is not enabled or participating in the SecureCode program

Is CardinalCommerce ready?

Yes! Historically, CardinalCommerce’s MPI has already received this data on Attempts transactions, however it has been suppressed by default to our merchant base since it was not required by MasterCard to be passed forward with the transaction. 

What this means to a Merchant ...

The introduction of the “Attempts Stand-In” Server, to encompass ACS services will replace the non-enrolled/non-participating MasterCard Issuers 3-D Secure response value .As part of this new authentication processing, the AVV (CAVV) value can now be generated for authorization submission in the response data for Attempts authentication. MasterCard’s bulletin indicated these changes are through 2014. These updates are available to Merchants, however there is not a Merchant compliance mandate at this time.

Are my PSP & Acquirer ready?

MasterCard has already notified Acquirers and Processors of this change and all necessary updates should be available to support this data requirement. Please contact your PSP/Acquirer to confirm they are ready to support this update. Cardinal has contacted many of our Acquiring Partners, and the overwhelming response has been that they are ready and able.

We look forward to servicing your needs and ensuring our best effort to keep you up to date on any information that is crucial to your business and security. Cardinal is here to answer your questions 24/7, so contact us to learn more at 

If you would like to FutureProof your business to ensure your eCommerce security, Connect with Cardinal! 

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Posted by Maggie Bodak

Maggie Bodak is Manager of Payment Brand Acceptance, and Centinel Product Captain at CardinalCommerce. In these roles, she rallies to amplify and diversify our payment methods and offerings, expands our international footprint, and solidifies our payment APIs for the Centinel platform. She has also proven instrumental in driving our technology innovation, balancing this growth with a focus on the fundamental value propositions for Cardinal's client base. Maggie joined Cardinal in 2011, and began her career in the payments industry within Sales and Account Management. She quickly moved into her current leadership role, where she succeeds by applying a client perspective to her view of the Payment Partners. Over her tenure at Cardinal, Maggie has also offered her expertise to improve internal documentation and processes, and is looked to as a leader and valuable resource. Currently, she analyzes statistical data on Consumer Authentication (3-D Secure), consumer experiences, and adoption rates throughout the world. Maggie is also championing Cardinal's new and improved Knowledge Base, with articles for clients within the Salesforce Service Cloud, and will be one of the select individuals to ignite a client-empowered database of FAQs, troubleshooting information, and user guides, to promote Cardinal's focus on self-service. In her free time, Maggie loves to relax in her beachfront town on Lake Erie with friends and family. She also enjoys visiting Cleveland attractions with her son and vacationing around the U.S. Truly an optimist, Maggie is the rare Clevelander that doesn't complain about the snow accumulations in winter - she loves it!

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Apr 29, 2014 8:51:00 AM

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