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Mastercard 2-Series and What It Means for Merchants

In the digital payments industry, things are constantly changing. Today, big players in this industry are consistently looking for ways to innovate, and to improve their business. Towards the end of last year, Mastercard announced that they were adding new 2-series BINs (Bank Identification Number) to bolster their ability to serve their customers and partnering financial institutions.

Before this announcement, Mastercard only offered 5-series BINs. Now, they will be able to provide these additional 2-series BINs, ranging from 222100-272099. While this is good news for Mastercard, what does it mean for merchants?

This might seem like a significant change in the digital payments ecosystem, but for merchants that work with Cardinal, there won’t be any noticeable changes. Cardinal supports these 2-series BINs for Mastercard SecureCode and won’t require merchants to do anything more than they are doing today. If merchants send Cardinal the 2-series cards for authentication during the checkout process, they won’t be required to complete any additional steps to finish the transaction.

Cardinal can help make this transition as easy as possible for merchants, and can help them benefit from this new development. With One Connection to Cardinal, we can Drive your Digital Commerce.

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