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Key dates for EMV® 3-D Secure -   Here’s the what and the when

We gave you some highlights last week on regulated markets and dates coming up that may affect your business. Now we’re breaking it down to make sure you know what’s happening when. The first few have already happened, but we wanted to make sure you got the whole picture and knew about those too!



  • October 1, 2018:  Mastercard ‘s EMV® 3-D Secure and Identity Check solutions were available for use
  • April 1, 2019:  Mastercard required the support of EMV 3DS and Identity Check in the European Union (EU)
  • April 12, 2019:  Visa activated EMV 3DS for the EU
  • September 14, 2019:  PSD2 SCA requirement went into effect for all EEA countries (but enforcement begins December 31, 2020) 
  • March 14, 2020:  Visa will require all EU issuers be on 3-D Secure v2.1 – issuers who have not implemented EMV 3DS v2.1 or higher will be charged a Visa EMV 3DS attempts fee and liability shift will be available when merchants use EMV 3DS 
  • August 2020:  Visa will activate EMV 3DS for the North America region - meaning starting on this date, EMV 3DS will be in use for Visa and liability shift will be available when merchants use EMV 3DS 
  • September 14, 2020:  Visa will require EU issuers to be on EMV 3DS v2.2 - this is in preparation for the enforcement of PSD2 SCA that is coming later in 2020 and early 2021. 
  • October 16, 2020:  Visa requires acquirers to ensure all gateways and 3DS Server vendors have certified and implemented 3DS v2.2 - this is also in preparation for the enforcement of PSD2 SCA that is coming later in 2020 and early 2021.
  • December 2020:  Mastercard will no longer support the 3DS 1.0.2 protocol and the SecureCode program on its network - this means that if merchants and issuers have not moved to EMV 3DS and Identity Check for Mastercard transactions, 3DS 1.0.2 and SecureCode will not work and their transactions will not be authenticated. If authentication is required, transactions may be declined.
  • December 31, 2020:  The PSD2 SCA grace period will come to an end and full SCA enforcement will start to apply - most EEA countries will start enforcing at this time, but the UK and France have already announced that they will start enforcing March 2021

    SO, to break all this down - the time to act is now, for everyone’s sake. Merchants, issuers and shoppers. Prepare your online business by implementing a PSD2 SCA solution to ensure your digital transactions don’t miss a beat and you are ready for the prime-time shopping season.

Click here to download our infographic with all these critical dates.

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EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo, LLC

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