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ICYMI: Pay Think

The Cardinal team also attended the Pay Think Conference this week. 

Day 1 started off with a bang!!! The PayThink Conference was held in the beautiful Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. It started off with a great lunch to get things rolling. The sessions were a hit, especially the session on instant payments and technology being redefined. There was a packed house with a lot of great discussion. 

And how could a great first day end even better? Well, of course, the opening networking reception. Great food, great drinks and of course, a lot of networking all around. 

Day two started off some very interesting seminars. Another big session on “It’s all about the consumer.” What would payments be without the consumer? And making the consumer experience as good as it can be is paramount in our payments world!! The balance of the day included sessions on debit cards and their future, as well as alternative payments. 

Sessions on security and regulations dominated the final day. What impressed us most about the show were the many active participants on the interactive app for the conference. So many updates, pictures and announcements, all day long, on the app. 

As the conference was ending, a lot of friends, both old and new, said their good-byes and promises of keeping in touch and bouncing ideas off each other. Another perfect ending to a great conference!!!


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