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Holiday Shopping: Are your Transactions Secure? part 2

 The holiday shopping season is well under way. 

Retailers are in their peak of annual sales. As more eCommerce is shifting from computers and laptops to smaller devices like tablets and smart phones, consumers can now shop anytime and anywhere in world.

That being said, fraudsters use this time as their own holiday shopping season. They take advantage of the high shopping volumes and will steal anytime and anywhere.

With Cardinal Consumer Authentication, not only will the fraudsters be thwarted, but “good” sales will increase! Transactions that might have been declined as “false positives” without authentication can be approved on the spot, increasing a merchant’s sales.

Cardinal offers protection from fraud to merchants with dozens of alternative payment options and digital wallets used in specific regions and markets around the world. Among the many benefits of digital wallets and alternative payments is that the merchant never sees the consumer’s card information, so thieves cannot steal the card numbers. Digital wallets and many alternative payments protect consumers by keeping their payment information private. Offering digital wallets and alternative payments also lessens the merchant’s PCI scope. The biggest benefit is that if the merchant does not see the card information, the fraudsters can’t steal it.

Another big benefit of digital wallets is allowing a quick and easy checkout. Consumers are in a hurry to shop and check out, and with digital wallets, they can store their payment and shipping information. This allows them to buy with a minimal number of keystrokes, which is especially valuable when shopping on a smartphone.

This results in happy consumers and less friction - a win-win for everyone.

Are your transactions going to be secure this holiday season? Have you implemented your Consumer Authentication strategy or added digital wallets to your platforms?

If not, contact Cardinal today to learn more!

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Posted by Michael Roche

Michael Roche is the Vice President of Consumer Authentication where he focuses on developing and strengthening relationships with enterprise partners in order to provide them with eCommerce solutions tailored to their needs.Mike is our Consumer Authentication expert. He is instrumental in soliciting feedback from Customers to improve current products and shape new product development.

Mike has been with CardinalCommerce since 2003, serving in many different capacities throughout his tenure. He is the founding member of the sales force and merchant support teams, where he has had the opportunity to contribute and lead the development of all of Cardinal’s Consumer Authentication programs, while working very closely with both Visa and MasterCard on their design and deployment of 3-D Secure. Mike is a member of The Payments Committee with the Merchant Risk Council (MRC) and is active with other industry organizations such as the Direct Response Forum, Electronic Transaction Association, Secure Remote Payments Council, and Cardholder Not Present Forum. He is frequently invited to speak at industry events on various payments- and fraud-related topics, in the U.S. and internationally.

Mike holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees with distinction from John Carroll University and is pursuing his MBA from Case Western Reserve University. In his free time, Mike enjoys fishing on Lake Erie, is a history fanatic and also is a published author. His greatest pride and accomplishments are his daughter Theodora, his son Macklin and beautiful wife Rebecca.

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Nov 17, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Topics: Fraud, holiday shopping

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