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EMV: How CCA Complements EMV

EMV is an important way to protect transactions from fraud in the POS world. Cardinal Consumer Authentication is the perfect complement to EMV, making fraud impossible for Card-Not-Present (CNP) transactions.

Historically, in other regions that have adopted EMV, fraud at the point of sale dropped dramatically, while CNP fraud skyrocketed. When fraudsters cannot perpetrate their crimes by creating duplicate credit cards, they’ll use their skills and migrate to the less secure channel, namely CNP.

As eCommerce and mCommerce are growing at a rapid rate, the related CNP fraud in the U.S. is expected to rise exponentially. More than 10 years ago, 3-D Secure was introduced to make sure the person transacting online was the cardholder. The first iteration of 3-D Secure was not successful in the U.S., due to poor implementation and acceptance, though it was mandated in other regions around the world, and implemented successfully.

The pop-up from the issuer during checkout looked “phishy,” and the tactic of Activation During Shopping (ADS), forcing shoppers to enroll when all they wanted to do was check out, alienated shoppers who abandoned their transactions. This resulted in lost sales to retailers – often more costly than the fraud 3-D Secure was trying to prevent. Many U.S. merchants and consumers stopped using 3-D Secure, leaving their eCommerce vulnerable to fraud.

Since those early years, Cardinal addressed the challenges with 3-D Secure and created a better solution. Cardinal Consumer Authentication offers merchants choice and control in authentication: Choice in how transactions are authenticated, and Control over the friction during checkout.

CCA is the only solution in the industry that allows merchants using rules to dynamically authenticate online transactions and control the amount of friction their consumers will experience while checking out. CCA can provide you with other benefits, too. Your sales will increase, because authenticated transactions are more likely to authorize. Additionally, there will be fewer false positives and you’ll be able to sell in regions where 3-D Secure is mandated so you can accept more good orders.

You’ll also benefit from improved margins. The liability shift from fraudulent chargebacks will impact your bottom line directly, since the issuing bank accepts responsibility for any fraud on authenticated transactions, and you may be eligible for interchange savings by authenticating your consumers. With Your One Connection to Cardinal we can FutureProof ™ your Business by increasing sales, improving your margins all tuned to the consumer experience. Learn more!


Posted by Ian Poole

Ian Poole is currently the Sales Engineering Director with an overall responsibility of Technical Sales, Market Analysis, and designing the implementation of market leading eCommerce and mCommerce solutions for new and existing Cardinal Customers. With more than six years of industry experience, Ian has been involved in many aspects of the Cardinal organization, including direct Customer support, managing Direct and Channel Integration teams, and working with solution design. He played a critical role when leading the Direct and Channel Integration teams as Cardinal expanded. Ian provides a balance between business and technology, and has played a critical role in showcasing how One Connection to Cardinal can FutureProof his Customers’ payment needs. Ian frequently speaks at industry events, in the US and internationally. Mr. Poole has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Washington & Jefferson College.

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Oct 18, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Topics: Fraud, CardinalCommerce, EMV, eCommerce

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