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EMV by the Numbers

Here is how the transition to EMV chip cards in the U.S., after the deadline has passed last October.

EMV chip card distribution is progressing steadily, as more than 326 million Visa chip cards have been issued in the US as of June 30th, 2016. conducted a March 2016 poll and found that at least 70% of credit cardholders have at least one EMV card in their wallet. DigitalCheck reported that it could take up to the end of 2018 for all cards to be rolled out. It is predicted that by the end of 2016, 80% of all credit cards will have a chip embedded in them.

On the merchant side, Strawhecker Group released a study that found only 37% of retailers were ready to process EMV card transactions, as of late January, 2016. Strawhecker estimates that U.S. retailers will reach 90% EMV readiness in 2017, and they also predict that by December, 2016, 72% of U.S. merchants will be ready to accept chip cards.

Based on what happened when chip cards rolled out in other regions, there will be a greater increase in online fraud in the U.S. Card-Not-Present (CNP) fraud has started to increase in the U.S. in the year since the deadline for EMV liability shift. According to Global Fraud Attack Index, since October 2015 there has been an 11% rise in online fraud . The most targeted industries for eCommerce fraud are digital goods (304%), luxury goods (95%), and clothing (37%). Surprisingly, the electronics (-17%) and the food/beverage (-36%) eCommerce industries have seen fewer fraud attacks.

The rise of fraud attacks started in Q3 of 2015 and continued through Q4, when the EMV liability shift went into effect. The online fraud attack rate continues to rise as fraud shifts from POS, where chip cards are making it more difficult for fraudsters, to the CNP channel.  


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Posted by Ian Poole

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Oct 11, 2016 8:04:00 AM

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