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Effectively Preparing for Chargebacks

The holiday season is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year and most years, it is! Every year, the digital commerce world grows, and online merchants continue to capitalize on the growing number of consumers flocking to their online sites to purchase products and services. With the constant growth of mobile commerce, this trend is only going to continue, and the entire digital commerce market will continue to grow.

While most merchants start celebrating a successful holiday season right after Christmas, they should be devising a strategy to deal with a big, impending problem: holiday chargebacks.

These chargebacks often show up weeks or months after the official end of the holiday season. When they do arrive, they can put a damper on a successful holiday season and can do significant damage to any merchant’s bottom line. There are, however, some different things that merchants can do to mitigate this damage and save their holiday sales.

In these scenarios, preparation is incredibly important. While chargebacks can be a nightmare for merchants, they will be even worse if there is no plan in place to effectively deal with them. Additionally, they will be worse if you don’t deal with them within the allotted timeframe, so it’s important to adhere to the specified timeline.

Merchants should have a dedicated team in place that can review all holiday chargebacks, to determine which ones are worth fighting. This way, you won’t be scrambling at the last minute to devise a strategy to fight chargebacks.

Additionally, it’s important to pick and choose your battles. Since fighting a chargeback can be a time-consuming and strenuous endeavor, you don’t want to pour a lot of time, resources and manpower into a dispute that you have a very slim chance of winning.

Another way for merchants to fight chargebacks is to utilize a consumer authentication solution. Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA), our rules-based solution can help merchants reduce their chargebacks by giving them the power to create their own rules, from many different data fields, that will make it harder for fraudsters to infiltrate their online site. With One Connection to Cardinal, we can Drive your Digital Commerce.

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