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Day 1 at MAG with Cardinal!

This is the week! The Merchant Advisory Group’s Mid-Year Conference began yesterday, and many members of the Cardinal team are in Atlanta to take in the sights and sounds, and to attend all the different sessions at the conference. Everyone got there safely and luckily, it wasn’t too hot when they arrived.

The conference kicked off with the opening session, a presentation on Payments RFP Management, given by Rene Pelegero, the President & Managing Director, Retail Payments Global Consulting Group. Following that session, Cardinal sponsored a networking lunch with delicious Mexican food. Everyone that attended had a great time, and no one left hungry.

After lunch, there were two more sessions. The first one was all about digital commerce, and the good, bad and ugly aspects of it. The proliferation of smartphones and connected devices has been a boon for digital merchants, as most of them have seen an increase in sales but, since EMV chip-based technology became the standard for point-of-sale transactions, they have also seen an increase in fraud on their online stores. In trying to prevent online fraud, many merchants have unintentionally created friction-filled checkout experiences for their consumers, which can lead to site abandonment.

The second session, entitled Security, Authentication and Identification Management, touched on some of the prevalent issues in today’s digital world, and how authentication and security can help merchants solve those issues.

The first day of the conference was great, and it ended with a reception that included a happy hour with snacks and beverages. But, as they say, the show must go on! Today, Cardinal’s own Ian Poole will be giving a presentation on 3DS 2.0, and will provide some clarity regarding how it will impact merchants. Entitled, “What 3DS 2.0 Means to You,” this presentation will be important for merchants seeking to gain a greater understanding of these new protocols. It’s going to be a busy day for Ian, since he also moderated a panel discussion on gift card fraud earlier this morning!

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