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Cyber Criminals Planning to Dampen the Holiday Spirit

It's already spring, but cyber criminals are likely already planning for the next holiday season. Here’s how cyber attacks went down during peak 2013 holiday shopping times and what you can do to protect your online shoppers and your business next year.

While many consumers braved brick and mortar store chaos, others preferred the warmth of their own homes and shopped from their computer, mobile or tablet browsers. We saw more than a 45 percent increase in mobile traffic during the 2013 holidays than in 2012. Starting on Thanksgiving evening, statistics* show that there were:

• 9.2 million page views per minute on Thanksgiving
• 9.3 million page views per minute on Black Friday
• 11 million page views per minute on Cyber Monday

With more and more people choosing to head to the Web versus going to the mall, cyber criminals are doing all they can to take advantage of this trend. 

• Black Friday cyber attack traffic was 5X higher than the beginning of November
• Black Friday cyber attack traffic grew at over 2X the rate of retail traffic
• Malicious requests fell into 3 main categories: SQL injections, DDoS attacks, and image scraping

Financial stakes are high during the holiday shopping season. 

Investing heavily in website marketing can improve your sales, but you could also see significant losses if you’re not prepared to contend with the potential threat of attacks.

Cyber Criminals Try To Dampen the Holiday SpiritYou can take control by outwitting cyber attacks, guaranteeing safe shopping and promptly reacting to incidents. CardinalCommerce, the leader in Consumer Authentication, provides merchants a solution that can be applied at point of checkout that reviews and verifies if the person buying something online is at risk for potential fraud. This safeguard helps reduce fraud and increase sales.

Make sure next year’s holiday shopping season is a merry one. To find out how we can help you protect your business and consumers, contact one of our CardinalCommerce customer care representatives.
*Provided by Boston-based web services provider Akamai

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