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Consumer Authentication Strategy part 1- Benefits for my Business



In anticipation of EMV rolling out in the US market, many merchants have started to look at Consumer Authentication. As an example, they may have implemented EMV across all their points of sale already or they may be a pure eCommerce play and saw how EMV adoption affected their UK business in the past. If your business does eCommerce in the United States, and you don't have a solution in place, you should begin to plan and add Consumer Authentication and build your strategy for today and into the future. Consumer Authentication is the protection that the industry has accepted as the right answer.

Consumer Authentication, which includes 3-D Secure protocols like Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and others, is something that is very new to the US market. It has garnished high praise around the globe in combatting fraud with EMV both at POS and in CNP transactions. With Centinel Select, we, in real-time collaborate between what the bank knows about its consumers and transactions with what you the merchant knows to provide the highest sales yield. Centinel Select puts the control  in your hands (the merchants) while creating a positive consumer experience. It can combine with your fraud screening technology and our know-how to help increase sales and improve your margins. Now that merchants have full control of how it is deployed with services like Centinel Select, now is the perfect time to start building your strategy and ultimately your business case. But where do you start? Consumer Authentication will be a component of your overall fraud/payments strategy that you’ve probably never considered or implemented. As a fraud manager or payments professional, you’ve created hundreds of business cases and strategies around fraud screening and payments, but this is something new. This is where we’ll provide some help.

This five-part blog series will walk you, as a merchant, through the steps you need to take in order to properly determine what your Consumer Authentication strategy will be. It will also provide tips and techniques on how to educate to the rest of your organization, while helping you avoid some of the common pitfalls other merchants have fallen into as they’ve gone through the process.

Part 1: How  Do the Benefits of Consumer Authentication fit my Business?:

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering setting up a Consumer Authentication Strategy:

  • What benefits am I eligible for related to Interchange Savings and Chargeback Liability Shift?
    • This is one of the most tangible ways your Consumer Authentication solution can improve margins.
  • Is this the year you want to increase sales?
    • Cardinal will walk you through how Consumer Authentication can increase your sales.

With a rules-based Consumer Authentication solution, you will get fewer false positives, therefore more transactions that convert successfully. Transactions that would have been declined without using rules-based Consumer Authentication are now approved, which leads to an increase in your sales!

Check out the next part to our blog next week for more on a Consumer Authentication Strategy! If you have any questions please comment below or contact us!


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Posted by Michael Roche

Michael Roche is the Vice President of Consumer Authentication where he focuses on developing and strengthening relationships with enterprise partners in order to provide them with eCommerce solutions tailored to their needs.Mike is our Consumer Authentication expert. He is instrumental in soliciting feedback from Customers to improve current products and shape new product development.

Mike has been with CardinalCommerce since 2003, serving in many different capacities throughout his tenure. He is the founding member of the sales force and merchant support teams, where he has had the opportunity to contribute and lead the development of all of Cardinal’s Consumer Authentication programs, while working very closely with both Visa and MasterCard on their design and deployment of 3-D Secure. Mike is a member of The Payments Committee with the Merchant Risk Council (MRC) and is active with other industry organizations such as the Direct Response Forum, Electronic Transaction Association, Secure Remote Payments Council, and Cardholder Not Present Forum. He is frequently invited to speak at industry events on various payments- and fraud-related topics, in the U.S. and internationally.

Mike holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees with distinction from John Carroll University and is pursuing his MBA from Case Western Reserve University. In his free time, Mike enjoys fishing on Lake Erie, is a history fanatic and also is a published author. His greatest pride and accomplishments are his daughter Theodora, his son Macklin and beautiful wife Rebecca.

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Jun 24, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Topics: Consumer Authentication, CardinalCommerce

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