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Cardinal's First Day at MAG!

It’s finally here! Lots of digital retailers and other professionals in the industry, including some members of the Cardinal team, traveled to Phoenix, Arizona for the Merchant Advisory Group’s Mid-Year Conference.

After a brief education session to kick off the conference, there was a networking lunch, sponsored by Cardinal. While preparing for a hectic, exciting afternoon, filled with sessions, discussions and panels, everyone enjoyed themselves, ate well and discussed different hot topics in the digital payments industry.

The afternoon featured a host of different events, including discussions on tokenization, contactless payments and the Internet of Things. Some members of the Cardinal team attended a joint presentation by Dunkin Donuts and Kount where they discussed 3-D Secure 2.0 and the effect it will have on merchants, issuers and consumers.

After all of that, there was another networking event, which gave everyone the chance to unwind and meet some new people in the industry. Everyone from the Cardinal team is looking forward to another eventful day out in the desert!

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