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Consumer Authentication Strategy pt 2- Building the ROI

Now is the perfect time to start building your Consumer Authentication strategy and ultimately your business case. But where do you start? Consumer Authentication will be a component of that overall fraud/payments strategy that you now need to create.Picture1

In the first part to our blog series we learned about the benefits of Consumer Authentication and how they fit your business. Next, let's take a deeper dive into bulding your ROI. 

Part 2: Building the ROI

  •  All good business initiatives require a return on their investment. Here is how Cardinal can help you build your ROI.
    • We will look at from you:
      • Average order value
      • Annual sales lost on fraudulent charges
      • Total sales volume
  • Based on this information we can provide you with a summary of savings (Interchange savings and Fraud Reduction savings)- your return on your investment. 
  • Our sales team can customize your ROI even further based on how the service is implemented and rules that are put in place.

Contact Cardinal to Learn More about building your ROI. And stayed tuned next week for the third part to this series! 

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