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Are You Selling to Millennials?

For most consumers, having a credit card is a necessity, but not millennials.  Many People Together-1.jpgmillennials do not have or even want one; 63% of millennials do not own a credit card.  This could be a problem when they want to make a large purchase.  Luckily for merchants and millennials, alternative payments can be a solution to this problem.  Alternative payments give millennials multiple options on how they are able to make purchases.  An attractive alternative payment for millennials is Affirm, which offers simple, instant financing at checkout with the flexibility of monthly payments.  They offer transparent pricing with no late fees or compounding interest.  If you are trying to attract more millennials and create more sales, consider offering alternative payment options like Affirm at your checkout.        

Offering Affirm as a payment option has multiple benefits:

  1. Affirm assumes 100% of the risk so there is no credit, fraud, or chargeback risk to merchants.
  2. Merchants are able to increase their sales conversions (20 – 25% on average) and boost their AOVs (up to 80%).
  3. Affirm settles directly with the merchant within one to three business days.

With your One Connection™ to Cardinal, you can offer your consumers Affirm and dozens of other alternative payments to help FutureProof™ your business.

Posted by Ian Poole

Ian Poole is currently the Sales Engineering Director with an overall responsibility of Technical Sales, Market Analysis, and designing the implementation of market leading eCommerce and mCommerce solutions for new and existing Cardinal Customers. With more than six years of industry experience, Ian has been involved in many aspects of the Cardinal organization, including direct Customer support, managing Direct and Channel Integration teams, and working with solution design. He played a critical role when leading the Direct and Channel Integration teams as Cardinal expanded. Ian provides a balance between business and technology, and has played a critical role in showcasing how One Connection to Cardinal can FutureProof his Customers’ payment needs. Ian frequently speaks at industry events, in the US and internationally. Mr. Poole has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Washington & Jefferson College.

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Feb 9, 2016 8:51:27 AM

Topics: Alternative Payments, Affirm, millennials

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