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All About One-Time Passcodes

Dynamic one-time passcodes (OTP) are becoming a preferred Consumer Authentication method for banks around the world. Financial institutions have started requiring OTPs to authenticate Customers, as well as employees before granting them access to sensitive financial data. 

Cardinal’s Customers have several options for OTP delivery, including SMS delivery to a mobile phone, or a bank-branded Mobile App that allows cardholders to generate an OTP whenever authentication is required. There are also options outside of the mobile channel, when the bank's Customers don't have smartphone or SMS capability, such as leveraging a hardware token that issuers already provide to their Customers.

Once an issuer decides on the method of OTP delivery that’s best for their cardholders, the next decision is to determine whether to make OTP the only authentication requirement or to make it part of a multi-factor authentication method. Another important consideration for issuers launching a new mobile OTP service is authenticating cardholders that do not have a mobile device. With Cardinal, an issuer is able to deploy an OTP service for Consumer Authentication that works for all its cardholders.

Cardinal works with issuers all over the world to combat fraud with dynamic solutions, such as OTP. Our service provides issuers with a variety of ways to deploy a single or multi-factor OTP method that also includes real-time, dynamic choices for cardholders who require an alternative to mobile OTP.

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Posted by Greg Esser

Greg Esser is currently fully responsible for Product and Sales Engineering for the Global Financial Institution Services Division, where he manages Technical Sales, market analysis and product enhancements across the issuing platform. With more than five years of industry experience, Greg has been a leader in many aspects of the Cardinal organization, spearheading inter-departmental and cross-functional groups tasked with evaluating and building solutions, direct merchant sales, global market services and the Management of Strategic Alliances. Greg’s sales mentality and product experience has played a key role in Cardinal's expansion in the global Card Not Present space. Greg has a B.S degree in Psychology from Heidelberg University.

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Oct 7, 2014 8:30:00 AM

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