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November Webinar Replay: An Inside Look at Industry Performance Using 3DS

FAQs: The PSD2 SCA Delay

September Webinar: ‘Tis the Season for PSD2 SCA

We've Got PSD2 SCA News!

What are the Long-Term Ramifications of this Shift in Our Industry?

Merchant FAQs: You Asked, We Answer

How Will This Change Affect the Ecosystem?

Our World is Changing

Data & the Consumer

A Data-Driven Solution to False Declines

The New Data-Sharing Reality

We're Still Talking About Data!

Happy Fourth of July!

The Visa Delegated Authentication Flow

Visa's Role in the Delegated Authentication Program

What is Visa Delegated Authentication?

Let's Talk About a New Program

We're all About Data

CNP 2019: We Brought Home Another Win

Saint Martin De Porres Senior Spotlight

The Data Behind PSD2 SCA

We're Counting Down to CNP 2019

It's Time to Celebrate

Cardinal at MRC London 2019!

The Story of Data and EMV® 3-D Secure

Data's Time Has Arrived

Integrate with Visa Consumer Authentication Service!

Integrate with Cardinal Consumer Authentication!

The Alternative Approach to Exemptions

The Enterprise Approach to Exemptions

The First EMV® 3-D Secure Transaction in Brazil!

What are PSD2 SCA Exemptions?

A PSD2 SCA Primer

We Are Doing Something New!

Notice Something Different? Introducing Our New Brand

2019 CNP Awards: We Need Your Vote!

MRC Vegas - It's a Wrap!

Meet with Cardinal at MRC!

MRC Primer: Expectations, Necessary Preparation and More!

Cardinal's Recap from MAG

Chargebacks and the Representment Process

Manual Review: How We Got Here and Why It's a Problem

Meet with Cardinal at MAG!

MAG Preview: How to Prepare, What to Expect and More!

Looking Back: A 2018 Holiday Retrospective

A Merchant’s Perspective: The Problems that Persist After the Holiday Season

About-Fraud: The Growing Importance of 3-D Secure and PSD2

Authorization Industry Benchmarks: Luxury Goods

SoarPay Podcast: Cardinal, Digital Transactions and Security

What’s Coming Down the Road with EMV® 3-D Secure?

EMV® 3-D Secure: Important Dates & Expectations

Happy New Year from Cardinal!

What is PSD2-SCA?

What is PSD2?

Happy Holidays from Cardinal!

EMV® 3-D Secure, Data & the False Decline Problem

A Merchant's Perspective: EMV® 3-D Secure, Manual Review & How to Eliminate this Inefficiency

December Webinar: PSD2 & SCA - What Merchants Need to Know

The False Decline Question: What are They and Why Do They Matter?

Happy Thanksgiving from the Cardinal Team!

The Emergence of a New, Data-Centric Approach

SCA Exemptions and a Seamless User Experience in a Data-Driven World

Saint Martin De Porres Employee Student of the Month

Highlights from Cardinal's Trip with the Canada Travel Fraud Prevention Group

Cardinal's Ongoing EMV® 3-D Secure Journey

Cardinal's Journey to EMV® 3-D Secure

EMV® 3-D Secure & Fraud: How These New Protocols Can Help

How to Effectively Optimize the Holiday Sales Season from a Merchant's Perspective

A Merchant's Perspective: The Chargeback Problem

An Intern Perspective: Our Summer Internship at CardinalCommerce

Webinar Recap:  What’s all the Buzz about 3-D Secure 2.0?

Will EMV® 3-D Secure Create Issues with Cart Abandonment?

Highlights from the ARC Payments Forum

What Effect Does 3-D Secure Have on the Transaction Flow and the Consumer Experience?

What's all the Buzz About 3-D Secure 2.0?

Wrap-up from Cardinal at MRC Dublin 2018

3-D Secure 2.0 & Data: Is Enhanced Data-Sharing Important and What Does it Mean?

Wrap-up from Cardinal at CNP Expo 2018

News from Cardinal: CNP Award for Best ID Verification/Authentication Solution

How Can 3-D Secure 2.0 Help Right Now?

Connect with Cardinal at CNP 2018!

Fixing the False Declines Problem: Why It's Essential

EMV® 3-D Secure and False Declines: A Beneficial Relationship

How Can Merchants Reduce False Declines?

What are False Declines and Why are They More Damaging Than Fraud?

"Thing" Commerce: Autonomous Transactions & the Immense Opportunity

Cardinal's Exciting Week at MRC 2018

The Hidden Costs of the Internet of Things

Connect with Cardinal at MRC Vegas 2018!

How Internet of Things Devices can Create More Sales Opportunities for Merchants

Emerging Technologies: The Internet of Things

The CNP Vendor Awards: Vote for Cardinal in the Best Identity Verification and Authentication Solution Category

Cardinal's Second Day at MAG!

Cardinal's First Day at MAG!

How 3-D Secure 2.0 Can Help Push the Mobile Channel and the Internet of Things Forward

3-D Secure 2.0 & Data: A Better Experience

Cardinal at MAG 2018!

3-D Secure 2.0: The Benefits of Early Adoption

EMV® 3-D Secure: What is it and Why is it Important?

The Chargeback Representment Process

Cardinal Webinar Review: Managing Your Post Holiday Sales

Technology Spotlight: Cardinal 3-D Secure Integration with 3dcart

Effectively Preparing for Chargebacks

Chargeback Reason Codes: What are They and Why do They Matter?

Cardinal Webinar: New Year's Resolutions for Merchants

The Chargeback Process: How Does it Happen?

The Damaging Effect of Chargebacks

Merchant Spotlight Series: Extreme PSI

Thank You for Reading!

The Unstoppable Mobile Wave

How the Internet of Things fits into the Big Picture

The Evolution of 3-D Secure

The Positive Impact of Personalization

Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us at Cardinal!

Social Commerce: Leveraging Social Media to Make Sales

The Unprecedented Growth of Mobile Commerce: Will it Last?

Webinar Review: Data & Authentication in the Digital Commerce World

Solutions to Common Issues with Fraud

The Benefits of Enhanced Cybersecurity Awareness

The Future of Online Payments

Online Marketplaces: How to Leverage Them to Grow Your Business

How to Protect Your Webstore from Fraudulent Chargebacks

Protecting Mobile Wallets from Fraud

Technology Spotlight: Cardinal 3-D Secure Plugin for AbleCommerce

Cart Abandonment: Why It's Emerged as a Serious Problem

Shipping & Logistics Challenges for Startups

Common Growing Pains for Startups

Merchant Spotlight Series: Aqua Services

Startups Crash Course: Effectively Selling Online

Merchant Spotlight Series: Great Lakes Schooner Company

Highlights from our Summer Interns

Solutions to Holiday Problems

Merchant Spotlight Series: Uhuruu

Chargebacks, False Positives and Other Holiday Issues

Merchant Spotlight Series: The Camera Store

Holiday Shipping Challenges

Technology Spotlight: CardinalCommerce OneConnect for WooCommerce

Mastercard 2-Series and What It Means for Merchants

Mobile Commerce & The Holidays

The Perils of the Holiday Season

Payments on Fire Podcast: Cardinal, 3DS 2.0 and the Internet of Things

Things Buying Things: Future of the Internet of Things

Personal Assistants & You: How These Devices Can Enable Efficient Payments

Security Concerns with Internet of Things Devices

Merchant Spotlight Series: 24HourAnswers

Internet of Things Devices & the Future of Payments

Merchant Spotlight Series: CompSource

Omnichannel Commerce Security Concerns

Merchant Spotlight Series: SwissWatchExpo

The Omnichannel Consumer Experience

Merchant Spotlight Series: 1st-line Equipment

The Relationship Between Analytics and Omnichannel Commerce

What is Omnichannel Commerce?

Moving Forward: Vertical Markets and the Internet of Things

Day 1 at CNP with Cardinal!

Emerging Vertical Markets in 2017

Fraud in the Electronics Vertical

Cardinal at CNP 2017!

Looking Ahead: High-Risk Verticals

CardinalCommerce's Award of Excellence 2017

Merchant Spotlight Series: Pyramyd Air

EMV® 3-D Secure: Enabling Safer, More Efficient Digital Commerce

Merchant Spotlight Series: Travelpack

Vertical Markets: An Explanation

MRC London with Cardinal!

Emerging Alternative Payment Options

Merchant Spotlight Series: Acclaim Sound & Lighting

Merchant Spotlight Series: Vat19

Security Concerns with Alternative Payments

Alternative Payments Challenges

Mobile Wallets: Moving Forward

A Good User Experience vs. Effective Fraud Prevention: Why Can't Merchants Have Both?

Manual Review: The Cost to Your Business

Why Data Intelligence Can Solve the False Declines Problem

Last Day at MRC with Cardinal!

More MRC with Cardinal!

MRC with Cardinal!

Revisiting the False Declines Problem

Merchant Spotlight Series: BikeMania

What to Expect at MRC Vegas 2017!

CardinalCommerce: Proud Sponsors of MRC Vegas 2017!

Day 2 at MAG with Cardinal!

Merchant Spotlight Series: Outfitter Satellite

Day 1 at MAG with Cardinal!

Cardinal Webinar: What Merchants Need to Know About 3DS 2.0

Connect with Cardinal at MRC Vegas 2017!

Cardinal at MAG 2017!

Weekly Recap: Did you hear the news!

Cardinal Joins Visa

Chargeback Day and the Lessons Learned from the 2016 Holiday Season

PayPal Merchants: How to Avoid Chargebacks

Weekly Recap: Chargebacks, eCommerce & More!

One Bad Apple Spoils the Whole Bunch: How to Prevent Chargebacks

Weekly Recap: Welcome to 2017

What is a Chargeback?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Weekly Recap: Winter in Cleveland, Increase Authorizations & More!

Infographic: Increase Your Authorizations

Weekly Recap: Let it Snow, Infographics & More!

Infographic: Learn more on Alternative Payments

Weekly Recap: Big News for Cardinal!

Cardinal Joins Visa

This is your LAST CHANCE!!! Take the 4th Annual Consumer Authentication Survey

MRC Webinar with Mastercard Recap!

Weekly Recap: Take Our Survey, & Payments this Week!

Time is Running Out! Take the 4th Annual Consumer Authentication Survey NOW

Weekly Recap: Take Our Survey, & Holiday Shopping 2016

Holiday Shopping: Are your Transactions Secure? and What to Expect this Season!

Weekly Recap: Take Our Survey, & eCommerce this week!

There is still time! Take the 4th Annual Consumer Authentication Survey NOW

Weekly Recap: Take Our Survey, & the World Series

Take the 4th Annual Consumer Authentication Survey

Weekly Recap: EMV and CCA, Cardinal's New Home & Go Tribe!

EMV: How CCA Complements EMV

Weekly Recap: EMV by the Numbers, & We Moved!

MRC Atlanta Recap!

Connect With Cardinal at Money2020

Cardinal has a new home!

EMV by the Numbers

Weekly Recap: EMV 1 year later, Tradeshows & More!

See us at MRC US Platinum

EMV 1 Year in Review

MasterCard Global Risk 2016

Weekly Recap :PrestaShop, Generation Z & More

Find Out About PrestaShop

Weekly Recap :DMEXCO, Fraud Glossary & More!

DMEXCO recap!

Weekly Recap:New Patent, Cardinal in the News & More

New Patent Points Way for Tech Industry Post SCOTUS Alice Decision

Happy Labor Day

Weekly Recap: Selling to Generation Z & Millennial & More

Are You Selling to Generation Z or Millennials?

Weekly Recap: Mobile Focus on Generation Z, Back to School & More!

Online Spending Habits of Generation Z vs. Millennials (Mobile)

Weekly Recap: Know your Consumer, Summertime & More!

Know Your Consumer: 4 Online Spending Habits of Generation Z

Weekly Recap: Back-to-School Shopping Stats, Summer Picnic & More

eCommerce Merchant (Retail) Back to School Statistics

Weekly Recap: Infographics and Cardinal in the news!

Infographic: Today's Online Merchants and Consumer Authentication

Weekly Recap: Infographics,Consumer Authentication, eCommerce & More!

Infographic: Find Out How You Can Increase Your Authorizations

Weekly Recap: Infographics & More

Infographic: Download to learn more on Alternative Payments

Weekly Recap: Summer is in full swing!

Wishing You a Happy, Safe Independence Day

Weekly Recap: Chargeback Representment, 4th of July & More

Chargeback Representment Process Explained

Weekly Recap: Issuing and Acquiring & Congrats Cavs!

Issuing vs. Acquiring: What's the Difference?

Weekly Recap: Chargeback Liability & More!

Chargeback Liability Rules: Merchant or Bank?

The Electronic Fund Transfer Act

Weekly Recap: News from Cardinal, Chargebacks & More!

The Chargeback Triple Whammy

Weekly Recap: Tradeshows, News from Cardinal and Thank-You!

CNP Day 2 Recap! THANK YOU!!

CNP Day 1 Recap!

Weekly Recap: Tradeshows, News from Cardinal and More!

Connect with Cardinal at CNP Expo 2016

Weekly Recap: Smartwatches, MRC Seville, and More!

Connect with Cardinal at MRC European Congress

Smartwatches: Are they the future of payments?

Weekly Recap: Mobile Trends, Attend our Webinar & More

Now Trending: Mobile Commerce

Weekly Recap: Narrowing the Acceptance Gap, Attend our Webinar & More

Attend the MAG Webinar May 12th

Narrowing the Acceptance Gap: The False Positive Solution

Weekly Recap: False Positives & Digital Goods, Alternative Payments & More

Digital Goods: The Silent Revenue Killer

Weekly Recap: False Positives & Merchants, Money 20/20 Europe & More

CardinalCommerce's Award of Excellence 2016

False Declines: Not Good for Merchants

Money 20/20 Europe Recap

Weekly Recap: Minimizing False Positives, Chargebacks & More

CCA and the Travel Industry

Weekly Recap: Tips for Travel Industry Fraud,  3-D Secure & More

Fraud Prevention tips and tricks for the travel industry

Weekly Recap: Travel Industry Online Fraud & More

6 Shocking Stats on Travel Industry Fraud

Weekly Recap: METAward Winners & More

Congrats 2016 METAward Winners

Weekly Recap: MRC Vegas 2016 & More

MRC Vegas recap day 3

MRC Vegas recap day 2

MRC Vegas Recap Day 1

MRC Survival Tips & More: Weekly Recap

MRC is Only One Week Away

Connect with Cardinal at MRC

Are You Selling to Millennials?

Do You Accept Alternative Payments?

[INFOGRAPHIC] Why Today's Online Merchants Use Consumer Authentication

How to take charge of your chargebacks

E-Commerce Holiday Takeaways

What are your Payments Resolutions?

Merry Christmas

Cardinal Christmas Party recap

A Financial Institution's Guide to Consumer Authentication Tips for Success Part 2

A Financial Institution's Guide to Consumer Authentication Tips for Success

What CardinalCommerce is Thankful for

Holiday Shopping: Are your Transactions Secure? part 2

Holiday Shopping: Are your Transactions Secure?

Time is Running Out to Take the 3rd Annual Consumer Authentication Survey


ICYMI: Cardinal was in Las Vegas for Money2020

Cleveland's 100 most connected

There is still time to take the 3rd Annual Consumer Authentication Survey

Take the 3rd Annual Consumer Authentication Survey


See How Amtrak Increased Their Sales! part 3

See How Amtrak Increased Their Sales! part 2

ICYMI: Pay Think

Aloha from A4A

See How Amtrak Increased Their Sales!

ICYMI: MAG and MRC Meetings!

EMV for Financial Institutions: The Closed Loop Approach

ICYMI: The DMEXCO Conference

EMV for Financial Institutions: The Risk-Based Approach

EMV for Financial Institutions: The U.S. Deadline is Coming

Amazon Payments

Expand your Market, Start Accepting UnionPay

Bitcoin is Here to Stay: How Accepting Cryptocurrencies Can Benefit Your Business

Tradeshow Recap- Retail Reinvention and DRF

Bitcoin is Here to Stay

EMVCo's 2015 EMV User Meeting

New 3-D Secure Mandates

Check out our new Resource Center

The Future of Consumer Authentication

Summer Picnic

Happy Independence Day

Three Months Until the U.S EMV Deadline

Selective Presentment on the Rise

Consumer Authentication in eCommerce: Less Doubt, More Demand for Consumer Authentication

MasterCard Global Risk Recap

IRCE recap

Meet the Cardinal Mascot at IRCE

Connect with CardinalCommerce at IRCE 2015

CNP Expo recap 2015

Notes from MRC European Congress

REMINDER: Connect with CardinalCommerce at CNP 2015

What are other people saying about Consumer Authentication- part 1

Notes from NACHA Payments 2015

CardinalCommerce's Award of Excellence 2015

Join Us!

Connect with CardinalCommerce at CNP 2015

Consumer Authentication:Champion Against Chargebacks

Cardinal joins EMVCo

Welcome back from MRC

Notes from Day 3 at MRC Vegas

Notes from Day 2 at MRC Vegas

Notes from Day 1 at MRC Vegas

Knock Out Chargebacks with Consumer Authentication

2nd Annual Survey on the Use of Consumer Authentication in eCommerce Results Available

Intercepting Chargebacks

Chargebacks: The Cost to Your Team

Connect with Cardinal at MRC 2015

Help Cardinal Name Our New Newsletter

Verified by Visa Corporate Card Liability Shift part 2

Verified by Visa Corporate Card Liability Shift: Part 1

2 Minute Discussion about Hosted Checkout

Guide To The Payments Industry

Learn Our History

Happy Holidays

Holiday shopping Fraud; What Issuers Could be Doing

Holiday Shopping: Cyber Week Wrap Up

Ready or Not, its Still Holiday Shopping Time!

Ready or Not, its Holiday Shopping Time!

What CardinalCommerce is Thankful for!

Cyber Monday ONE WEEK AWAY!

Last Chance to Take the 2nd Annual Consumer Authentication Survey

Time is Running Out Take the 2nd Annual Consumer Authentication Survey

Presidential Executive Order Accelerates EMV

Take the 2nd Annual Consumer Authentication Survey TODAY

Connect with Cardinal at Money20/20

There is still time to Take the 2nd Annual Consumer Authentication Survey

Bitcoin is coming Soon!

Cardinal's New Savings Calculator

Take the 2nd Annual Consumer Authentication Survey

What you need to know about Alternative Payment Brand Solutions

All About One-Time Passcodes

Connect with Cardinal at MRC Platinum

EMV Changes Online Businesses in US

Chargebacks-How to Avoid Them!

Payment Types

Maximize Consumer Authentication, Minimize Friction at Checkout

How can Tokenization reduce your PCI DSS Scope?

Brazilian Payments Ecosystem

Why Alternative Payments Now

Mobile Commerce

Are You Ready for the Holidays?

Consumer Authentication Strategy pt5- Post Launch

Consumer Authentication Strategy pt 4- Implementation

Consumer Authentication Strategy pt 3- Communicate to your Business

Consumer Authentication Strategy pt 2- Building the ROI

Consumer Authentication Strategy part 1- Benefits for my Business

Cardinal's take on Tokenization

What Do You Want to Learn?

Connect with CardinalCommerce at IRCE

10 Myths of Consumer Authentication, Part 2

On Behalf of the MRC Global Payments Survey

MasterCard SecureCode Attempts Server Webinar

Cardinal's Inaugural Consumer Authentication Survey Results

10 Myths of Consumer Authentication, Part 1

EMV Technology Part 4 - Are You Prepared?

Connect with Cardinal at MRC-Paris

Connect with CardinalCommerce at CNP

EMV Technology Part 3 - Fraud

Cardinal's 1st Annual Consumer Authentication Survey Results Webinar

Update on MasterCard SecureCode Attempts Server

EMV Technology Part 2- Why is it so important?

Cardinal clarification around the Heartbleed Attack

EMV Technology Part 1- What is this Technology?

CardinalCommerce's Award of Excellence

Connect with CardinalCommerce at ETA

Connect with CardinalCommerce at NACHA Payments 2014

CardinalCommerce Processes 2 Billion Transactions to Reach eCommerce Milestone!

Cyber Criminals Planning to Dampen the Holiday Spirit

Connect with Cardinal at MRC

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