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eCommerce Merchant (Retail) Back to School Statistics

In August, many consumers are thinking about back to school shopping. They are looking for the best deals and places to shop. But when it comes to eCommerce, what are the trends with buying those school supplies? Here is what we found out:

  • Estimated online retail sales for back to school worldwide, including actual sales for 2015 as well as projections for this year and the next two years:
    • 2015: 6.7% of total retail sales totaled $1.592 trillion
    • 2016: 7.4% of total retail sales estimating to be $1.888 trillion
    • 2017: 8.2% of total retail sales estimating to be $2.197 trillion
    • 2018: 8.8% of total retail sales estimating to be $2.489 trillion
  • % of retail sales by device
    • 7% Smartphones
    • 9% Desktop/laptop computers
    • 4% Tablets
  • Stats from National Retail Federation in 2015: Back to School Spending Survey and Top Ten Trends for Back to School and College
    • 2% of consumers will research the best online deals before buying
    • 31% of college shoppers plan to buy products with their smartphones, and 35% plan to use their tablets to purchase - this is the highest in survey history
  • IBM reported that smartphones drove the most momentum in both research and purchase for back to school; 27% of all online traffic in August 2015 took place on smartphones, while 13% of all online traffic took place on tablets. But thanks to the bigger screens on tablets, their average order value increased. (The desktop average order value is the largest, compared to tablet and smartphone.)

Looking at these trends, making sure your retail site is optimized for mobile is more important than ever. Whether consumers are shopping directly from your website, or doing some research before purchasing in-store, a great mobile experience is crucial.

While authenticating on mobile devices is difficult, Cardinal can help. With your One Connection to Cardinal we can FutureProof™ your business.


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